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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Windows PowerShell !! Is My 2008 Target

Planning to learn scripting for admin job. Since i have no any experience on scripting, then i decide to learn the latest scripting , that is Windows PowerShell !! In future i will keep record my learning progress over here, so we can learn together. Welcome all power shell user to share.

Recently i try to found which book is good for beginner, i have found the list from Microsoft to recommended book.

woo...got one is free -->
However, it does provide a nice overview and a friendly, easy-to-understand introduction to Windows PowerShell. And you can’t beat the price, right?

Ok , let start my scripting learning journey now. End of next year i want be expert in poweshell... wooo hope my dream can come true !!

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Why i love Face Book (fluff) Friends application?

Recently i am very active in Facebook, i have found out Facebook have alot application can plug  in to facebook.

 one of the most application i like to use during my free time is (fluff) Friends, why i like this application??

This application is something like electronic pet, that mean you can feed you pet anywhere and anytime.The interesting part is your pet can race with other friend pet and you can bet the race.

Summary of the application work:

  •  your pet can race with your friend pet and you can do the betting during racing.
  •  how you earn the money 1 : every feeding on the friend pet then you will earn 5 mummy (mummy is the money inside the game)
  •  how you earn the money 2 : do the survey available on the application
  •  how you earn the money 3 : betting on the race
  •  how to increase your pet speed : every feeding will help increase your pet speed, but the food you have feed only can rush for 30 day.
  •  how to get the food to feed your pet : Go to fluff shop but the food by mummy(money) 
  •  how to win in the race : speed + good mood
  •  how to be good mood : alot people pet your pet

i have notice some of the good reasons why this application can become famous and famous : (maybe we can used the attractive point to applied on our product or application )

  1. betting ( human like to win)
  2. The feeding only can rush for Day ( if people want to keep the pet running faster , so the user need to keep on log in the application do the feeding) with this reasons they successfully to keep the current user(customer).
  3. Every friend you have invited , you will earn mummy or free gift ( ha ha, this is what direct sales do. i think Intel also have this system (job referring)) how about reward our customer when they have invite friend to used our product? or when the user using our system then will get point ?
  4. special event for special occasion. example: during x-mas they will give out rain deer pet (with invite 20 friend). Make user not bored to the game. with this idea we can add on new idea (innovative) to attract our customer (user)

As a conclusion now a day all the websites is start move to plug and play platform, example facebook can allow other vendor to plug they own application to facebook, or like plug application is allow developer to plug and play they application to plug.

not sure in future our Mysites in MOSS2007 will have this application or not? ha ha ha..we can feed our pet during work..hey hey...GPTW

Facebook still have a lot innovative application, i will test on it and share with you all.

if you have interested to add me for face book, here you go : sin_peow@hotmail.com

 *now i know why Microsoft invest to face book.

Monday, December 3, 2007

Intel Blog

Recently just notice Intel also have host the own blog, inside the blog is more to Technology on Intel , some personal experience and IT sharing.

This is the chance to let us talk to Intel , know more intel. I think intel created this blog also is hope to know from our end user need, so if we have any hope on that maybe can feed back on the blog.

hi hi , look like now a day every one also start included to Web2.0 world, are you ready for it?
we need to open and discuss then only have improment!!! Now a day alot technology of web2.0 already is very successful, example youtube , blogger, facebook, myspace..bla bla bla...all the sercice is reaady the platform for user to exchange opinion. customer always come first!!!

Below have different language and interes blog area :

Monday, November 26, 2007

Blogging with Word 2007

Wah!! I have discovered some great new feature in Microsoft word 2007, that is can use it to blogging.

You can direct type on your word2007 application and publish it to your blogger sites.

For the detail step to use word2007 for blogging please visit http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/word/HA101640211033.aspx .

Technology world!! hi hi

Friday, November 23, 2007

Add the Cool Time widget!!

Hai, want to have clock on your blog ?

yeah...is very simple step as below:

  1. Log in http://www.clocklink.com/
  2. Click on Gallery
  3. Have few category for you (Newest , analog...)
  4. After see which clock you want, then click on view HTML
  5. Click accept for the policy
  6. Set colour, Time zone and sitze
  7. Copy the Html code and paste to your blog (Add html/Script)
  8. Done.

Sample Clock : you can see at the sidebar (Malaysia time)

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Sharing:Get a list of all users for each SharePoint site

this morning i find out from internet , how do i use SQL query to list all user from sahrepoint DB.
Script as below:

--Change the g.type = ? statement to get the type of user--you need as follows:
-- 5 = Administrator
-- 4 = Web Designer
-- 3 = Contributor
-- 2 = Reader
-- 1 = Visitor--To get all users regardless of type, just remove the
--"g.type = 5 AND" part of the code altogether.

w.fullurl, w.title, u.tp_title, u.tp_login
FROM webs w, userinfo u, webgroups g
INNER JOIN webgroupmembership p
ON g.webid = p.webid
AND g.id = p.groupid
WHERE g.type = 5
AND u.tp_id = p.memberid
AND u.tp_siteid = g.siteid
AND w.id = g.webid
AND w.siteid = g.siteid
ORDER BY w.fullurl

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Widget : Map out your visitors!!!!

hai all, i just have discover one very "canggih" widget, that is call Map out your visitors!!!!

this Widget can show the visitor from which country is currenly read on your


as what you see on top my map, yeah!!! that is Map out your visitors, widget...so you can see where are your current location from map..with litter yellow star!!

http://whos.amung.us/showcase you can create one for you self...enjoy !!!!

Monday, November 12, 2007

Windows Server 2008 Enterprise 32-Bit

last month attended Windows Server 2008 workshop, so i have one set of the Windows Server 2008 Enterprise 32-Bit beta3 kit(CD) Expires April 7, 2008.

anyone have interested to get this CD i can post to them, but need you to paid for the post.

windows2008 can complete setup the OS between 9 minute, is really very fast. hi hi, but after setup the OS, you need to manually configure the setting.

As what i know, wondwoss2008 code name know as longhorn...then have 2 version of the installation, you can choice server code mode or normal mode. server code mode is no any user interface, so you need to do all setting in command prompt (hi hi, you will look like linux expert)
any how server core is not included .net framework so all the UI u have see os from legacy windwos95.

anyway a lot security feature is enhance in windows2008, example NAP.

Microsoft web sites have provide so free online tutorial, i have register one as the free e-book. if you have interested you can go to get one from there and start your own testing.

have fun!!!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Pac-Man 4


Recently have discover this widgetbox sites, is very fun and a great idea for alot social media to add in some creative widget!!!

this widget can add in to blogger, facebook, hi5 and etc...even in javascrip and flash emabed format!!!

as what you can see in my site, my blog widget inside this site....look cool??

Url : http://www.widgetbox.com/tag/fun

example widget game: pcman!!!

Saturday, September 22, 2007

IT knowledge sharing

Almost 4 years experince in IT world , learnt some experience and knowledge about system , IT infra, my majority is about microsoft server product.

Year 2003 get certify as MCSE( Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer )
Year 2004 get certify as CCNA(Cisco Certified Network Associate )

1 years ++ experience as Teachnical Engineer ( support small medium industry, job area is overall IT infrastrucutre )

1 years ++ experince as Server Engineer ( support server hardware, Quantum backup machine, HP and EMC SAN, Windows , Network...bla bla bla...working in data center (i think this data center can consider the bigger data center amount the malaysia factory)and taking care around 300-500 servers.

1years++ esperince as System Engineer ( windows2003, NLBS, Clustering, IIS, MSSQL , SharePoint Portal server 2003 , MOSS2007 ), coming system is open source now working on PHP, MySQL and oepnsource CMS.

But all the knowledge i gaint, just in my mind. After a while i start forget about it....so i hope from now i can share the knowledege over here, then after few year later i still can remenber what i have learnt....ofcourse hope from my sharing can get some sharing from you all then can become more expert...