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Monday, December 29, 2008

SharePoint Products and Technologies (2003) : database table

recently i need to generate some report about sharepoint V2 information, so i need to know about the database table detail about the information.

i have get the information from MSDN, is very useful for me to understand what is the information inside the table :)


below is the example to get the report about the sites url, tittle , owner, sites them.

SELECT 'http://xxx.xxx.com' + webs.FullUrl AS address, Webs.Title, UserInfo.tp_Login,Webs.DefTheme, Webs.RequestAccessEmail

UserInfo ON Webs.Author = UserInfo.tp_ID CROSS JOIN

if you understand about the database table, you can extract more information from SQL query.

if you want nicer report , you can setup a SQL reporting server so easy for the V2 user to see the report at SQL reporting server!!!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Intro to SharePoint Development: How to Build and Deploy a Web Part


This is the link about the beginner share point developer to know more about share point.

Summary of the blog:
  • Environment: what environemtn need for you to develop webpart for MOSS or WSS V3

  • Coding the Web Part

  • Describing the WebPart

  • Ghetto Deploying

  • Features

  • Deploying Via Solution Package

  • User Controls

this page help me understand more about MOSS development, thanks CoreyRoth

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Yeah ! Foundation Certificate in IT Service Management

Yeah...Finally get my ITIL ITSM foundation certificate :)

After the class just understand all the basic term of ITIL, and some bacis concept. I think this certificate is not hard if you have pay attention at Class.

65% passing mark, total question have 40 , that mean 36 correct you will get pass :) . This exam is harder the Microsoft paper because the exam have keep on add in some question is base on understanding of the concept only can answer. For Microsoft is direct :P

Thursday, November 20, 2008

profile information no longer syncs to contens database

Recently faced the issue of the user profile picture not showed at the MOSS sites, after 2 day investigation just found out the root cause.

Root cause : content database set to "offline"

*the reasons set the content database to offline is prevent user to add more sites to this contents database

Solution : change the status back to "started" and set the max number of sites to the existing number of size. that all :P

yahoo!! special thanks to this blog --> http://www.mindsharpblogs.com/ben/archive/2008/05/23/5563.aspx

Sunday, November 2, 2008

SiteManager web UI : Easy for MOSS SCA to manage the sites

SiteManager web UI

First you will need to bring up the UI. The URL to the Site Manager is only available in MOSS and you can find it at http://server/_layouts/SiteManager.aspx. Now you can change that to any site url and add the _layouts/SiteManager.aspx, but keep in mind that if you are moving things around you probably want to hit the top-level of the site collection to do this.

Once you have the Site Manager page up it is pretty simple to use.

  1. Expand the tree on the right hand side to find the site you want to move
  2. Click on the parent of that site in the right hand tree to load the left hand panel
  3. Check the checkbox next to the site you want to move
  4. Click on the Actions -> Move menu option
  5. Expand the tree in the popup Move dialog to find the new parent site
  6. Click on the parent site in the tree and click the Ok button

This method has the benefit of being more visual, however it does lack so of the power of STSADM since you can't rename the URL with it. You have to go in to Site Actions -> Site Settings -> Title, description, and icon to change the URL name. This mean a two step process to reparent and rename a web through the Web UI as opposed to the one step with STSADM.

this is cool feature for admin to manage the sites, you can check all your entire moss sites. edit , delete create new sites and see have what list, add item..is cool!!

i will try to promote this to user as much as i can!!! :)

Friday, October 24, 2008

My First step on Sharepoint developer area!!!

Not sure how do i start learning about Sharepoint developer..... Ok, then i just want to try hello world...ha ha.. i still remenber this is the very basic step....

i use around 5 hours for my first step , emm... maybe is good...maybe is bad.

come on , let me share with you how do i Creating a Basic Web Part and add it to my sharepoint 2007 sites.

after searching around the internet, firstly i follow some article from some expert blog...but i cannot catch up the step because normally the blogger is expected the reader have the basic developer skill on it. (hi hi..so i am the beginner here, so unable to follow the step )

after few hour try...failed...then i try to search have any more detail step i can get...at last i get it from MSDN. here you go Creating a Basic Web Part

Just 45 minute i have done the step...ha ha ha...cool !!! so excited about it!!

Actually we have few way to deploy the web part to sharepoint, this is one of the way. That is copy the DLL file to sharepoint server folder, then add the webpart detail to the webconfig file then add the webpart to sharepoint webpart list. :) please refer the deatil at the MSDN link :)

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

are you faced the issues get AD locked your account?

last few month my domain account intermittent get locked by the domain, after check just get to know because my account is running at server services and after change the password is not synchronize between the service with domain, so keep on get locked.

so the step i have taken is go to change all the windows service and computer management to local service but after that still not working!!! @#$!$%

so i just leave it there, with this reasons cause me always get locked for few minute after then only can log in back to my server.

at last i unable to continue this kind of environment , i go to check on by one at the server. lastly i have found is because i have key in my account at the IIS application pool identity ...ha ha ha..finally issues is resolved.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

!@#$ Cannot uninstall the WSS V2 before Portal

Recently try to build some SPS2003 server, after build i have face some problem with the Front end server setting so i think is something wrong with the setting. Decide to uninstall the SPS2003.

click on add remove program then will see wss and sps there, so i think wss is small one then should remove first....#$@#$ after remove the wss then cause the sps unable to uninstall.

now i have 2 solution:
  1. follow the complecated change to make it can uninstall and install again..(not sure how is the process from Microsoft)
  2. Rebuild server OS . (ha ha, this is my option)
so anyone thinking to reinstall share point 2003, please take note. uninstall SPS, WSS then only ISS. :)

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Groove server 2007 SP 1 deployment

about the SP1 for Groove server , my first question come in my mind is what service pack installer i need?? so i start search the installer over Microsoft web sites about the installer.

finally i get one installer call MOSS2007 sp1, so i start to thinking this is the installer i need??
because i check on this SP1 if fro MOSS, wss , project server and also groove server. then i think is it after click on the SP1 installer will extract the .msp for me specify on the groove server.

so after search around the MS websites cannot get any detail instruction for it, then i just try to click on it.

oh..!!! the installer is automatically install to my groove server, as i understand the installer is detect what ever system you install at server then patch it accordingly .

as a conclusion , with a few click you can done the Groove sp1 deployment. due to the less bug fix for Groove server , so between 5 minute can done.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Do you know how to log in Relay Administrative Web pages ?

here is the answer :

To start the Groove Relay server:

  1. From the Groove Relay server, go to Start --> Programs --> Administrative Tools --> Services.

  2. Right-click on the service Groove Relay and select Start.

  3. The service should start within a few seconds.

  4. To test the server installation, open a browser and enter one of the following URLs:

  5. http://localhost:8010/ or

ha ha ha, i feel so stupid...like this also need to take 30 minute to find out..hi hi

Monday, August 11, 2008

Finally became MCTS for SharePoint Server 2007 configuration

After attend the course last year, then this year just decide go to certify myself.

The exam code for this MCTS is 70-630, I am here just share some general information for those have interested to take this exam.

Over all have 51 questions for this exam, have the passing mark is 700 and above. The question is fairly easy for those have study and experience.

Interested to know more, just leave a comment I will share more J

Friday, July 11, 2008

How to use the Calclated coloumns at MOSS list

ok, just have learn new some litter knowledge at MOSS list then want to document it so just document it at here to share.

example you have one list as below:

Number in rom (for user to edit)

Number in English (this is calculated type column)







what you need to do is just create the column at the list with name Number in english, type in the formula as below:
=IF([Number in rom]="1","One",IF([Number in rom]="2","Two"), IF([Number in rom]="3","Three"))


so user every time edit the data at Number in rom , the second column will auto change.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Groove installation problem with not Defualt SQL instance

i have facing some problem during installtion Groove server 2007, the main reasons is my SQL server instance is not using local instance and the SQL server have installed SQL2000 and SQL2005.

you have 2 solution for this problem, one is setup the SQL2000 with local instance name in standalone server (not mixed with SQL2005)

second solution is change the alias name from web front end server to simple name , try not to sue the special character. (hi hi, try in error with the alias name)

these is what i have do for my lab installation.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Register MSTC exam 70-630!

Just know we can do online http://www.prometric.com/ register for the exam for Microsoft certify around the world!

so i have registered Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007, Configuring 70-630, RM300 per paper :P

attended the training last year, then this year only go for certify exam at august. hope i can pass it :)

anyone want to share the tips on this exam? hi hi, welcome!!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Facebook Jobs

just notice one site is about facebook jobs opening..hi hi..want to work? but you need to resolved the puzzle first...one of the programming question here...

Illegal Wiretaps

After uncovering years of government malfeasance, you are tasked with leading a team of government programmers to decode copious amounts of possibly illegal wiretaps. Your congressional hearing is coming up, and you need to have these wiretaps decoded as soon as possible so you can give as informative testimony as possible (and clear your posterior of any wrong doing!). Unfortunately, government programmers are not the most well adjusted, sharpest tools in the shed, and they require decisive and firm leadership (e.g. you) to guide them. Programmers are assigned integer numbers to protect their classified identities, while wiretap victims are referred to by their first names (a name is defined as a sequence of alphabetical characters).

Due to OSHA regulations, you will always have exactly the same number of programmers as wiretap victims, and each programmer decodes exactly one wiretap. Because this is the government, to decode a wiretap it takes at least 1 server hour per letter in the victim's name. All programmers share the same secured government terminal and they can only work one at a time. Once signed in, programmers must stay at the terminal until they are finished decoding a wiretap. To make things worse, each programmer has certain personality quirks and foibles which can alter their efficiency.
  • Programmers with an even number suffer from vowelitosis, they require an additional 1.5 hours of work for every vowel (Note that the NEA only recognizes the letters A, E, I, O, and U as vowels) in the victim's name.
  • Programmers with an odd number suffer from consonentia, they require an additional 1 hour of work for every consonant in the victim's name.
  • Programmers whose numbers share prime factors with the number of letters in a victim's name are struck with a severe phobia, that requires an additional 2 hours of therapy per common factor. Due to DHS regulations, the programmer must stay at the terminal while under therapy, preventing others from using it. For example, it took programmer 12 (factors of 2 and 3) an extra 4 hours of therapy to decode NORMAN's file (factors of 2 and 3).
You are given 26 programmers, numbered from 1 through 26. The 26 wiretap victims are named as follows:
Write a program that tasks your team of programmers to the wiretap victims in a way that minimizes the total time necessary to crack all the wiretaps. Your program should run on the command line, and take as input a file containing the first names of all the wiretap victims (newline separated). The output should be the total time cost (in hours) of decoding all the wiretaps listed in the input file, in addition to your configuration of programmers and wiretaps. Your program should be able to handle both upper and lower case, be robust enough to handle or ignore malformed input, and it should work for as large a general case as possible. Remember, your congressional hearing is coming up and your lawyers may need more evidence to clear you of wrong doing!

You may use any of the following programming languages:
  • C++
  • Java
  • JavaScript
  • OCaml/SML
  • Perl
  • PHP
  • Python
For extra credit, you may submit additional solutions in the other languages as well as solutions in languages not listed here.

Please send your code and solutions (and a resume) to:

{ (0xFACEB00C >> 2) in decimal format } @ facebook.com

Please put [wiretaps] in the subject line.

can get the answer? if yes , faster go to apply the job!! :)

Monday, April 14, 2008

Share/Keep your file at internet

Having problem to lost your file when your computer hard disk failure?

Cannot send file large than 10M over e-mail ? or keep your file at mail box above 10M size?

here is the solution... hi hi, i have see this web sites 4shared.com to keep all your file.

i think this is good to share, hi hi...enjoy

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

MOSS search feature

Just now try to keep one document as attcment under list, then try to user the MOSS serach function to search the content on the document. suprise!!! can get the results.

Look like the MOSS2007 search is enhance alot comapre with the WSS v2, beside this WSS v3 serach is able to crosee site search the results without the portal..haha...this is the WSS v2 unable to do it.

i will try to know more about MOSS..haha..look like is a good market to become sharepoint expert , so i hope i can be sharepoint consultant ..haha. dreaming!!!

Sunday, January 6, 2008

How do i start scripting?

After do a research on internet , the answer for it is start with PowerShell if you are brand new.

The reasons is Microsoft's newest answer to Windows automation, and it's the first time they've taken a really comprehensive approach to the topic.

since you are new , so learn the latest one right? hi hi..let start from Power Shell !!

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

search in WSS 2.0 is unable to search sub-sites Document

ha ha..today i learn new knowledge that is WSS SS 2.0 is unable to search sub-sites Document. If you really want to search the document from a top level sites to all sub sites , you need to have share point portal install.

another solution is use WSS V3, hi hi, in new version of WSS you can do this!!!